Checklist for designing a Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation System and Creating a Material Take-Off

This checklist works as both a checklist for your design, to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and as a checklist for making a “take-off”, or materials list, for buying your irrigation materials.  If you are unsure what an item is, or if it is needed, do a search of this website.  The Sprinkler System Design Tutorial and the Drip Irrigation Design Guidelines cover most of the “what is it?” and “why would I need it?” questions for most of the items on this list.  I’ve attempted to make these lists as complete as possible.  There are items on these lists that I don’t necessarily recommend you use!  Not every irrigation system needs everything on this list.

For a step-by-step guide for preparing an accurate and complete materials list see the article Creating Your Shopping List of Materials.  Some helpful ready-to-print forms to assist you in creating your materials take-off are the Irrigation Materials Take-Off Form and Irrigation Fittings Take-Off Form.

Irrigation System Checklist

  1. Sprinkler Heads – nozzles? rubber covers? internal check valves? Stainless sleeves?
  2. Bubblers and Drip Emitters
  3. Emitter Distribution Tube (Spaghetti Tube)
  4. Micro-Sprinklers and risers
  5. Isolation Valves – gate? ball? butterfly?
  6. Master Valve
  7. Control Valves – latching solenoids? reclaimed water?
  8. Quick Coupler Valves – rubber cover? locking lid? reclaimed water?
  9. Hose Bibs and Keys
  10. Water Meter
  11. Backflow Preventers
  12. Controllers – indoor irrigation controller? outdoor sprinkler controller? pedestals? enclosures? junction boxes? batteries?
  13. Filters – special mesh screen? flush outlet?
  14. Pressure Regulators – custom PSI range?
  15. Pump Station – electrical panel? custom-built?
  16. Air Vent
  17. Vacuum Release Valve
  18. Pressure Release Valve
  19. Check Valves
  20. Pressure Gauge
  21. Rain Switch
  22. Moisture Sensor
  23. Fertilizer Injector
  24. Risers for Sprinklers, Valves, Backflow Preventers, Quick Coupler Valves
  25. Risers for Isolation Valves, Vacuum Release Valve, Pressure Release Valve
  26. Risers for Pump Station, Air Vents, Master Valve
  27. Rebar and clamps for staking sprinklers
  28. Valve Boxes for Auto. Valves, Isolation Valves, Quick Coupler Valves
  29. Valve Boxes for Filters, Water Meter, Pressure Regulator
  30. Valve Boxes for Air Vent, Vacuum Release, Pressure Release
  31. Valve Marker
  32. Valve and Wire I.D. Labels
  33. Operation Keys/ Wrenches for Isolation Valves
  34. Quick Coupler Valve Couplers, Lock-Top Keys, Hose Swivels, Hose
  35. Repair Tool Kit
  36. Mainline Pipe
  37. Mainline Fittings
  38. Lateral Pipe
  39. Lateral Fittings
  40. Pipe Couplings
  41. PVC Cement, Primer, and Applicators
  42. Gasket Lube for Gasketed Pipe
  43. Pipe Dope, Teflon Tape
  44. IPS Flex PVC Hose
  45. Drip Tube
  46. Drip Tube Fittings
  47. Clamps for Insert Fittings (poly pipe systems)
  48. Pipe Sleeves and Wire Sleeves
  49. Flanges, Flange Bolt, and Gasket Kits
  50. Control Wire
  51. Wire Splice Sealers, Electrical Tape
  52. Electrical Pull Boxes
  53. Primary Electrical (115v, 230v) Materials for Power Supply to Controllers, Pumps
  54. Control Tubing (unusual – for hydraulic-powered valves only)
  55. Drainage Pipe and Fittings
  56. Staking Flags, Caution Tape, Marking Paint.
  57. Paint
  58. Drinking Fountains
  59. Corrosion Protection Tape for Wrapping Underground Steel Pipe

Bonus Checklist:

Landscape Materials Take-Off Checklist

(Warning: This list is not as complete!)

  1. Trees, Shrubs, Ground cover
  2. Seed, hydro-seed
  3. Root Barriers (they protect sidewalks from tree root damage, ask at an irrigation store for details)
  4. Tree Stakes, Ties, Guide Wires/ Anchors
  5. Fertilizer Tablets
  6. Fertilizer
  7. Soil Amendments – gypsum, compost, humus, sulfur, etc.
  8. Mulch – bark, decorative rock
  9. Weed Barriers (special water-permeable fabric that blocks weed growth.)
  10. Drain Pipe & Fittings
  11. Herbicide
  12. Pre-Emergent Herbicide
  13. Bed Dividers
  14. Pavers, Grass Pavers
  15. Erosion Control Material – jute, straw, straw net, blankets, staples
  16. Landscape Lighting Equipment – lights, wire, wire connectors, transformer, controller, power supply

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