Installation Tutorial Index

Welcome to the Irrigation Installation Tutorial!  This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of installing your irrigation system (sprinklers or drip.)  We’ll start off by making a “take-off” which will serve as your shopping list and help get you organized.  From there you’ll learn about all the different parts, how to fit them together, how to make it all leak free, tricks for taking it from a plan in your hand to a system in the ground, and then the actual digging, gluing and assembling of the parts.  Finally we’ll cover that critical step of flushing it all out and installing the sprinklers or drippers.  Along the way you will learn professional’s tricks and tips that will save you time and money, both now and in the years to come.

Seem like a lot to read?  Keep in mind that a poorly installed irrigation system will be a maintenance nightmare.  Do it right and you will chuckle as you sit on the patio with a cool drink looking out over your well-irrigated landscape, while your neighbor, who didn’t read these tips, toils the weekends away repairing his/her irrigation system.

Here’s the index, just start with the first item on it “Creating Your Shopping List of Materials.”  From there it will guide you through the entire process!

Index of the Irrigation Installation Tutorial

Start here:   Creating Your Shopping List of Materials

Here’s some printable Forms to help you:
Take Off Form – Your List of Materials
Fittings List & Take-Off Form
Complete Checklist of Materials You May Need

Understanding Fittings – Available Configurations & Industry Abbreviations

Sprinkler Risers – Types & Options Available

Anti-Siphon Valves – How to Install Them

Globe Valves – How to Install Them

Sketches for Installing Various Types of Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation Installation Tools

How to Make Leak-Free Threaded Connections

Staking Out Your Irrigation System – Where Does All This Stuff Go?

Irrigation Installation Safety.  Don’t Let Hospital Bills Eat Up Your Do-It-Yourself Savings.

Connecting To A Water Supply Pipe

Installing Underground Pipes & Tubes

Backfilling Trenches and Flushing

Installing the Sprinkler Heads