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The following formulas assume 55% pump efficiency (the standard assumption).

Note: Horsepower is Brake horse power for an electric motor. Do not use for fuel-powered pump engines!

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Miscellaneous Irrigation Formulas, Conversions, Equations, and Calculations:

Sprinkler Precipitation Rate

Note: "head spacing" is the distance between sprinkler heads. L = length between heads in the row, W = width between rows. Therefore "head spacing " = L x W. Use the GPM value for a full circle sprinkler. So if your sprinklers are all half circles, you need to double the GPM value so it is equivalent to a full circle value. Precipitation rate result will be in inches per hour. The common abbreviation for precipitation rate is "ppt".

Precipitation rate for square sprinkler spacing:

(GPM of full circle sprinkler x 96.3) / head spacing in feet = precipitation rate


Precipitation rate for triangular sprinkler spacing:

(GPM of full circle sprinkler x 96.3) / (head spacing in feet x 0.866) = precipitation rate


Example: A irrigation system with sprinklers arranged in rows. The rows are 30 feet apart and the sprinklers are 25 feet apart in the row. The sprinkler heads are arranged in a triangle pattern. Each sprinkler head uses 6 GPM. The calculations for precipitation rate would use the formula above for triangular spacing:

(6 x 96.3) / (30 x 25) x 0.866 = ppt

multiply the numbers in the parenthesis to get-
577.8 / 750 x 0.866 = ppt

do multiplication before division-
577.8 / 649.5 = ppt

finally do the division-
0.89 inches per hour = ppt

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