Irrigation, Sprinkler System, or Drip Irrigation Questions?

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Irrigation Questions:

Here are a few suggestions for getting answers to your questions.  I’m sorry, I can no longer answer your irrigation questions.  But the good news is the answer to your question is probably here on this website… you just need to find it!

Step One:

The best place to start if you have a question is with a search of the website.  The answers to most common questions really are here.

Please don’t give up without trying a search!   If your first search doesn’t give you what you are looking for try using different wording, experiment a little with synonyms.  Skim through a few of the articles suggested by the search, Google is pretty good at figuring this out.  You may discover the answers are in there even if the page title doesn’t sound like what you are looking for.  Remember that like all trades irrigation has it’s own “language” so the word or term you think makes sense may be totally wrong.

 Step Two:

ARE YOU DESIGNING A NEW IRRIGATION SYSTEM?  If so, have you read through my tutorials on How to Design a Sprinkler System or How To Design a Drip System?  You will actually save money if you do this right, and these tutorials will show you how.  Again, these tutorials have been modified over the past 20 years based on questions users have had, so they cover almost everything!

Step Three:

Here are sources for FREE help when you need an answer or help.

The big name products that dominate Home Improvement Stores:

Backflow Preventers:

  • Zurn/Wilkins 877-222-5356 (Call them for backflow preventer questions. They will help you with questions regarding any brand.)



  • 800-786-7249 (For pump related questions visit their website or call them.  They will help with questions regarding any brand of pump or pump control equipment like panels, pressure switches, low flow protection, etc..  Tell them your flow and pressure needs and they will recommend specific pumps for you by brand name and model too!)

Try a local store or nursery.

For irrigation questions go to a store that specializes in irrigation equipment. I haven’t found that the employees at hardware and home-center stores are knowledgeable about irrigation. I often check out the irrigation department of those stores to look for new products, and I overhear a LOT of bad advice being given by their employees. About 80% of what I overhear is at least marginally bad advice. Some of the advice I hear is not just bad, it is just flat wrong! There are some shining exceptions, of course, and if you work at one of those fine stores I’m sure that you are one of them! But the bottom line is don’t expect good advice.  Yes, I shop at them all the time.  But I don’t look for expert help there on any topic.

Internet Forums.

It all depends on who answers your question.  Sometimes pros answer questions posted on forums, but most pros make a living from their knowledge and forums give them nothing in return for their time.  So you see few true pros there unless they are pushing a specific product or service they sell.  Unfortunately like the advice in the stores, I see a lot of answers on forums that are wrong. Look for broad agreement of many persons on an answer.

Unfortunately I can no longer answer questions about your specific irrigation problems or design.  (Please don’t be offended if I ignore your questions.  Thank you, and I am sorry.  I’m sure you can understand that a website like this generates a HUGE volume of questions, way more than I can handle, mostly stuff that is answered in the many articles here and can easily be looked up.  Plus I’m retired so… well, I don’t want to spend all my time working!!!)

If you have suggestions for the tutorials, ideas for new articles you would like to see written, or just want to say hello, feel free to send me an email!

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Thanks again!