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Fixed Spray-Type Sprinklers
Spray-type sprinklers spray a fan of water out of the nozzle, similar to a shower head. They are typically spaced up to 18 feet apart in the sprinkler system.

Rotor-Type Sprinklers
Rotor-type sprinklers have one or more moving streams of water that rotate around the sprinkler head. They are typically spaced from 18 to 45 feet apart. Even larger rotors designed for parks and golf courses are spaced up to 90 feet apart. You need a professional designer for these, even a minor design error will result in huge dry spots!

Electric solenoid valves used for turning on irrigation circuits (sprinklers or drip emitters.) Includes anti-siphon, angle, and globe type valves.

Controllers are fancy timers used to turn on and off automatic valves.

Tools, Accessories, Etc.
Accessories, tools, and other products that don't fit into one of the above categories.

Common Questions about the Listings & Reviews

Are these reviews biased?

Of course! Expect that my evaluation of any product will be biased by my own personal experiences with the product, my observation of installations where the product is used, and/or the experiences related to me by others. In some cases I may give a less than favorable review to a product which the manufacturer has improved since my last experience with it (suggestion to manufacturers: keep me updated on your products!) O.K., if you're a manufacturer and you think I've given your product less than a fair hearing, let me know. I'm a reasonable guy, I'll take another look at it. Fair enough?

Why are there question marks in some of the part numbers?

A question mark character (?) in a part number represents a place holder for ANY letter or number. For example, a product for which I list a part number of 531?? could represent any of the following: 53100, 53190, 531AZ, 531ZA, 531A1, 5319A, etc. Using a variable is simpler than showing many different part numbers that are all essentially the same product with only a minor variation, such as different sizes.

Even more confusion: Sometimes manufacturers repackage their products for specific stores using custom part numbers. Some manufacturer's use part numbers that make little sense at all (at least no logic that I can figure out!) A number of products are re-branded to carry the name of a different manufacturer, so you will find the exact same product with different brand names on it. All of these practices tend to confuse things. I have tried to include each such item under all the names and part numbers used, however it is just not possible for me to know all of them.

What if a product's not listed here?

It is either not widely distributed, it may be new, or most likely, I just haven't gotten around to reviewing it. I've concentrated on major brand items sold directly to homeowners.

Some products are not included here because I haven't actually seen the product. Some items like controllers are terribly expensive to go out and buy just to review. (Manufacturers- if you send me a sample for review, I'll return it to you in "almost new" condition if you ask me to.) Also products that have not been on the market for at least a year tend to not get listed. I've just been burned too many times by new products that were not properly tested prior to release to the public. Not reviewing them until the bugs are worked out cuts down on the number of bad reviews. (So, yes, that means if the package says "NEW!" I recommend you pass on it.) Conversely, I have seen a number of top-quality products ruined when the manufacturer decided to save half a cent's worth of plastic by making a small change to the product's design. That's what happens when the opinions of the bean-counters over-rule those of the design engineers!


Have you had a major problem with a product you used? I would love to hear about it! Your input helps me identify problems. Manufacturers don't tend to call me up to tell me about their product problems, often the first hint of a problem I see is a string of complaints from folks like you. So please, let me know if you are having problems! while I might not be able to solve your problem, together we may be able to prevent others from some grief. Important- I need you to be as specific as possible! Please send me the product name, a part number if you can find one, any lettering you find on the product itself can be useful, a photo of the product may help, and last but not least, as specific a description as possible of the problem. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for my current email address.

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