How Much Can I Safely Bend PVC Pipe?

PVC fittings only come in 90 degree and 45 degree angles.  Sometimes you need a smaller bend.  A website reader asked if it is safe to bend PVC pipe and if so, how much can PVC pipe be bend without damaging the pipe?

The answer is that, yes, it is OK to bend PVC pipe, but don’t bend it too sharp or too much.  Each pipe manufacturer has rules on what degree curve you can bend the pipe to based on the type and size of pipe.  You could look that up but it would take a lot of time and even then figuring out how much a 15% bend is out in the yard is not very practical for the average homeowner.  So here is a simpler “rule of thumb” that I basically just made up.  But it seems to work reasonably well, it’s easy to do, and it gives you a nice, visual answer!

To determine how much is the maximum bend you should allow grab one end of a length of the pipe you plan to bend and hold it so the other end is off the ground.  The amount the pipe bends on it’s own is about the maximum amount of bend you should allow.

You can also make any angle you want simply by using two 45 degree ells.  This is easier to demonstrate than to explain.  Get two 45 degree PVC ells.  Lightly push them together onto either end of a very short piece of pipe.  (Don’t glue them for now, this is just a learning experience.  If you do ever use them on a irrigation system then you can glue them!)  Now start twisting them in different directions.  You will see that you can make any angle curve from 0 degree up to 90 degree!  Add another 45 degree ell and you can make even more angles.  Have fun.  It’s cool!