Getting PVC Glue Off Your Hands

There are several hand cleaner products made for removing PVC cement/glue from your hands.  Most combine a solvent with an abrasive grit and a hand moistening lotion into a single product.  The ones I have used work very well.  They are typically sold at irrigation supply stores.  For some reason I have never seen them sold at the home improvement stores where homeowners tend to buy irrigation supplies.

For the “weekend warrior” who just needs to get the cement/glue off infrequently, acetone will remove it quickly.  Be sure to immediately wash any skin you apply acetone to thoroughly with soap and water after getting the glue off.  Do not leave acetone on your skin!

caution  Repeated skin exposure to acetone may cause serious health issues, so it should not be used by pros who need to remove glue from their hands often.  Be sure to read and follow all precautions on the acetone can.