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Irritrol 2400, 2600 Series Globe & Angle Valves


These valves are aimed at the residential market, where low cost is a big factor.

Model Numbers:


Manufacturer's Performance Data:

2400 & 2600 Series Valves - Pressure Loss through Valve
Model Size 5 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 30 GPM
2400 Series 1" 3.50 PSI 4.00 PSI 2.97 PSI 3.26 PSI 6.20 PSI
2600 Series 1" 3.34 PSI 2.15 PSI 1.78 PSI 1.90 PSI  3.85 PSI


These are Irritrol's least expensive valves, intended for residential use where low cost is essential. Available in 1" size only. These are very basic valves, nothing fancy and minimal options. They are generally used only in situations where the angle or barbed configurations are desirable. The 2400 is a globe style valve (water in one side, out the opposite side) and is available with several different inlet/outlet combinations, such as slip (valve is glued directly to PVC pipe), male threads (rather than the standard female), and one barbed end for poly pipe. The 2600 is an angle valve (female threaded inlet on the bottom, female threaded outlet from the side). The internal bleed means it doesn't spit water when operated manually. The valve originally had only an external bleed for manual operation, the internal bleed was added to the valve by changing to a different solenoid. That is why it has both an external and internal bleed. The captive plunger just means that when you remove the solenoid to repair the valve the spring loaded plunger inside it doesn't pop out into the mud.

The valve can be serviced without removing it from the piping. It is unlikely you would repair this valve, it would be cheaper in most cases to simply replace it. This valve has a jar top type bonnet (top of the valve). To open the valve for repair you twist off the top (which is not as easy as it sounds if the valve is a few years old.) Better quality valves have the tops held on by screws or bolts. There is not a flow control feature on this valve so you can't force it closed if it sticks open, and you can't fine-tune the valve performance. I think a flow control feature is a must have feature for a valve, so I don't generally recommend using these valves. For a similar product with a flow control option take a look at the Irritrol 2500 series.