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Irritrol 2500 Series Globe Valve
Lawn Genie 54000 Series Globe Valves

Irritrol 2500 series valve
Irritrol 2500TF Valve with optional flow control.


The 2500 series valves are designed primarily for light commercial and residential use where an inexpensive valve is needed. The Lawn Genie 54000 series are the same valve.

Model Numbers:


Manufacturer's Performance Data:

Irritrol 2500 Series Valve - Lawn Genie 54000 Series
Pressure Loss through Valve
Size 0.25 GPM 2 GPM 5 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 30 GPM 40 GPM
1" 5.40 PSI 3.82 PSI 3.00 PSI 2.20 PSI 1.90 PSI 3.10 PSI 5.10 PSI 11.40 PSI

Watch out for the high pressure loss at very low flows!


The 2500 is a globe style valve (water in one side, out the opposite side). It is a reasonably reliable valve, and they sell millions of them for use in tract home irrigation systems. The valve body is made of PVC, and while it does have some UV resistance, it is better if this valve is not installed in sunlight. An internal bleed means it doesn't spit water when operated manually. The captive plunger makes it easier to work on, the plunger in the solenoid won't fall out into the mud when you remove the solenoid. The valve can be serviced without removing it from the piping. I strongly recommend you get the optional flow control model shown in the photo above. Without the flow control you can't shut off the valve if it sticks open, and you will not be able to fine tune the valve performance.

When using this valve at low flows the flow control option is essential. If you find the valve will not close by itself at low flows (or takes a long time to close) you can fix the problem using the flow control. Very slowly start turning the flow control handle clockwise. Turn about a 1/4 turn then wait a few seconds. If the valve doesn't close, turn it another 1/4 turn. You should reach a point where the valve closes. You may have to almost completely close the flow control. Once you get the flow control adjusted to a point where the valve closes by itself, leave the flow control in the partially closed position. Test it a few times and re-adjust if necessary. It will not harm the valve to leave the flow control partially closed all of the time. (This flow control trick works for most valve brands and models.)

While claimed to be a dirty water valve, dirty water is a relative term. What they mean is water with very small amounts of sand in it, like well water often has. If the dirt in the water is noticeable, there is too much dirt for this valve and you should install a filter.

While this valve can be directly buried in the soil, I highly recommended that you put it in a valve box. If you just bury it in dirt you will have a difficult time finding it when it stops working. It's an inexpensive valve, it will need repairs some day. If you do loose one that was buried, try using a metal detector to find the solenoid. At the time I am writing this, the 2500 valve comes with a 5-year limited warranty.