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Irritrol 205 Series Globe Valve


Irritrol markets this valve as a full-featured debris-tolerant valve that functions at very low flows. It is a globe pattern valve, and is only made in a 1 inch size.

Model Numbers:


Manufacturer's Performance Data:

Irritrol 205 Series Valve - Pressure Loss through Valve
Size 0.25 GPM 2 GPM 5 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 30 GPM 40 GPM
1" 5.40 PSI 3.82 PSI 3.00 PSI 2.20 PSI 1.90 PSI 3.10 PSI 5.10 PSI 11.40 PSI

Note: Watch your maximum flow rates for pipes. You can get a lot more water through a given size valve than you can through the same size pipe. Therefore it is common to have a 1" valve installed with 1-1/4" pipe going into and out of it. Do not exceed 7 feet/second velocity in the pipes! See the pipe sizing section of the sprinkler design tutorial for more information.


This is an inexpensive valve primarily for residential use. To compare, it sells for generally half the price of the 200B series, and one third the price of the top-of-the-line 100 and 700 series valves made by Irritrol. The 205 is a globe style valve (water in one side, out the opposite side). The body is PVC construction. A captive plunger makes it easier to work on, the plunger in the solenoid won't fall out into the mud if you remove the solenoid. The valve can be serviced without removing it from the piping, which is a good thing because one version of this valve doesn't have threaded connections, it glues to the PVC pipe. You will not be removing a glued in place valve for service! The flow control is optional, but I strongly suggest you spend a couple of dollars more and the flow control. The flow control is very important if you plan to use this valve at low flows.

Irritrol's claim that this is a "full-featured" valve is a bit of a stretch, as it will not accept a pressure regulator module, it doesn't have an internal bleed, and the flow control is an option. Any valve without a flow control I would rate at the bottom of the pile as far as features are concerned. The two advantages I can see of the 205 valve; it is inexpensive, and it will work at very low flows (which makes it attractive if you have a small drip system.) I really am not sure why Irritrol still sells this valve, the Irritrol 2500 is almost identical, has more features, and sells for generally the same price.