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Toro Spray Type Sprinkler Heads

Toro 570 Series Pop-Up Fixed Spray Type Sprinkler
Toro 570 Series Pop-Up Fixed Spray Type Sprinkler


570 Series Retail Pop-Up Spray Models:

The 570 series models above are part of Toro's retail product line. They are the same product as the 570Z series professional bodies except for packaging. See the 570Z series description below. The 53XXX numbers used above are not all inclusive, there are so many variations I can't keep track of them all! You will find these models in hardware and home improvement stores.


570Z Series Professional Pop-Up Spray Models:

The models above are Toro's commercial/professional spray-type sprinkler series. Typically these models are only available through irrigation supply specialty stores, although I have seen them in retail stores on occasion. The Toro 570Z series has a good reputation among contractors. This product has been around for many years and has been well-proven. It has available all the optional features that are common to top-of-the-line spray type sprinklers.

Be careful if considering the lower pop-up styles. I consider any sprinkler with a pop-up height less than 3 inches unacceptable in most circumstances due to the increased maintenance necessary to trim grass away from the head. I would only use low pop-up heights for bubblers or shrub areas with widely-spaced shrubs and no ground cover.



For a description of each of the features below click here. Features noted “(optional)” do not come standard with the product and must be specifically requested when ordering.

Manufacturer's Performance Data:

For available nozzles and nozzle performance data click here.