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Print out or copy this form for recording your design information on. It will make the design process much easier for you. It is optimized to print with no ads showing.Click here to print.

Design Data Form

For "City Slickers" (Water from water company):

Design Pressure _________ PSI
Supply Pipe Size _________
Water Meter Size _________
Maximum Available Safe GPM __________ GPM
Initial Safe Design Flow __________ GPM (use pencil, may need to change)

For "Country Bumpkins" (Water pumped from well, pond, river, etc.):

Dry Method:
(A) Pump Horsepower ________ H.P.
(B) Dynamic Water Depth ________ ft.
(C) Elevation Difference ________ ft.
(D) Elevation Head _________ ft. (formula: B + C = D )
(E) Design Pressure ________ PSI.
(F) Design Head ________ ft. hd. (formula: E * 2.31 = F )
(G) Total Pressure Head ________ ft. hd. (formula: D + F = G )
(H) Initial Design Flow ________ GPM (formula: A * 2178 / G = H )

Wet Method:
(I) Design Pressure ________ PSI.
(J) Initial Design Flow ________ GPM

Country Bumpkins: Don't forget that "Valve Zone GPM should be between 80% and 100% of Design Flow".

For "Backwoods Water" (Gravity flow systems from streams, tanks, etc.):

Maximum GPM _________ PSI
Tank Inflow GPM ________ GPM (only for those with tanks)
Initial Design Pressure _________ PSI

For Everyone:

Pressure Loss Table:
_________ PSI - Water Meter
_________ PSI - Backflow Preventer
_________ PSI - Filter (Optional, but recommended)
_________ PSI - House Mainline 1 (from water source to water meter)
_________ PSI - House Mainline 2 (from water meter to irrigation connection)
_________ PSI - Irrigation Mainline (from irrigation connection to valves)
_________ PSI - Valves
_________ PSI - Elevation Change
_________ PSI - Sprinkler Heads
_________ PSI - Laterals (maximum 20% of sprinkler head value above)

Note that not all of the items in the list above may be applicable to your system.