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Irrigation Questions:

Here are a few suggestions for getting answers to your questions. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE ME WITH QUESTIONS.  I only respond to emailed questions.

Step One:

The best place to start if you have a question is with a search of my website by entering a search phrase below. Save yourself some time and money and do a quick search.  The answers to most common questions are here.

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Step Two:

ARE YOU DESIGNING A NEW IRRIGATION SYSTEM?  If so, have you read through my tutorials on How to Design a Sprinkler System or How To Design a Drip System?  You will actually save money if you do this right, and these tutorials will show you how.

Step Three:

Here are sources for FREE help when you need an answer on a product.

Sprinkler Heads and Drip Equipment:

Backflow Preventers:

  • Zurn/Wilkins 877-222-5356 (Call them for backflow preventer questions. They will help you with questions regarding any brand.)


  • 800-786-7249 (For pump related questions visit their website or call them. These guys are way more knowledgeable on pumps than I am.  They will help with questions regarding any brand.  Tell them your flow and pressure needs and they will recommend specific pumps for you by brand name and model too!)

Try a local store or nursery.

For irrigation questions go to a store that specializes in irrigation equipment. I haven’t found that the employees at hardware and home-center stores are knowledgeable about irrigation. I often check out the irrigation department of those stores to look for new products, and I overhear a LOT of bad advice being given by their employees. About 80% of what I overhear is at least marginally bad advice. Some of the advice I hear is not just bad, it is just flat wrong! There are some shining exceptions, of course, and if you work at one of those fine stores I’m sure that you are one of them! But the bottom line is don’t expect good advice.  Yes, I shop at them all the time.  But I don’t look for expert help there on any topic.

Internet Forums.

It all depends on who answers your question.  Sometimes pros answer questions posted on forums, but most pros make a living from their knowledge and forums give them nothing in return for their time, so you see few true pros there unless they are pushing a specific product or service they sell.  Unfortunately like the advice in the stores, I see a lot of answers on forums that are wrong. Look for broad agreement of many persons on an answer.


Yes, you can ask me questions!  I answer questions by email only and appreciate your generous tips in return.  I will generally answer if I’m not busy with other things.  I answer about 98% of emailed questions asked, often within a day.  It takes me time to answer questions, more than you might think (about 15 minutes per question to write a clear and concise reply.)  Believe it or not, answering questions is not my favorite pastime.   The tips provide me pocket change to spend on doing things I enjoy more!

Limitations to my answers

Pumps: I can’t tell you what size or brand of pump to buy.  Each pump is different, and there are hundreds and hundreds of them.  I simply don’t have enough knowledge of the brands and models.

No Brand and Model Recommendations:  I don’t make specific brand and model recommendations for irrigation products.  I rely on an excellent relationship with all of the manufacturers to maintain my website’s reputation and get referrals from them.  However I do have reviews of some products you can read and compare.

No designs:  I don’t do actual designs anymore.  I no longer have the cad software or insurance required to produce plans.  I can give advice, but plans are a lot more work.  Plus you probably can’t afford my $150 an hour fee!

Please read the Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and make sure you understand them.  They do severely limit my liability for errors.  Limiting my liability allows me to answer questions without having to charge that $150 an hour!

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Hints.  Help me help you!

  1. PHOTOS REALLY HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND YOUR QUESTION!  If the problem is with a valve, controller etc., a photo of it helps.  Attach a photo to your question if possible!  I can tell a lot more than you realize from a photo of the irrigation item in question.
  2. Don’t send me a long list of questions! A whole list of questions makes me feel overwhelmed and I ignore them.  Keep it to a question or two to start, you can always ask more questions later if needed.
  3. Include the brand and model of controller, valve, and sprinklers.  Most equipment has some kind of markings on it, even if you don’t know what it means I may!  If you don’t know the brand or model describe the item (color?) and include any markings you notice, I often can identify items from just that.   Plus did I mention a photo really helps?

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