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I welcome your feedback on the websites. If you find a bad link, an inappropriate link, or you have suggestions for the tutorials, I would love to hear from you! I do read and appreciate all input regarding my websites. Consider this my “thank-you” in advance.

If you want to send a complement, you can email me, or you can post comments on my Facebook Page. Please do not ask irrigation questions on my Facebook page as I will just delete them. See below for irrigation questions.

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Irrigation & Landscape Questions:

Here are a few suggestions for getting answers to your questions. PLEASE DO NOT TELEPHONE ME WITH QUESTIONS.

Step One:

The best place to start if you have a question is with a search of my website by entering a search phrase below. The answers to most common questions are here.  The answers to most of the harder questions are also here if you dig deep enough.  You may have to read a couple of pages to get enough background to understand the solution.  Each time I get a unique question I post the question and answer on this website, so after thousands of questions, most are answered here!  (Note: I have several websites and this search engine searches all of them, so you may see some weird results regarding hotels and my family vacations!)

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Step Two:

ARE YOU DESIGNING A NEW IRRIGATION SYSTEM?  If so, have you read through my tutorials on How to Design a Sprinkler System or How To Design a Drip System?  It may seem obvious, but I get a lot of questions from people who are totally lost but haven’t tried, to be blunt, reading the instructions!  A lot of people who write me for help are trying to wing it on the design or think they can just randomly put some sprinklers around the yard.  That just doesn’t work out very good unless you have money to burn.  Irrigation systems have to be designed right or they become huge money pits.

I wrote these tutorials many years ago and have refined them continuously since then.  Thousands of people have used them, and I have hundreds of letters of thanks from folks like you, saying how great their new irrigation systems are.  I offer these tutorials to you to use totally free, and I would love for you to use them.  A lot of colleges use them for text books on irrigation.  But they are still simple enough for the average 6th grader to use (several wrote me to say they have!)  Please save yourself a lot of regret and try them out.  I get a lot of letters each year from people saying “I wish I had followed your advice and used your tutorial.”

Step Three:

Some various sources for quick help:

If you really want free help, try a local store or nursery. For irrigation questions go to a store that specializes in irrigation equipment. I haven’t found that the employees at hardware and home-center stores are knowledgeable about irrigation. I often check out the irrigation department of those stores to look for new products, and I overhear a LOT of bad advice being given by their employees. About 80% of what I overhear is at least marginally bad advice. Some of the advice I hear is not just bad, it is just flat wrong! There are some shining exceptions, of course, and if you work at one of those stores I’m sure that you are one of them! But the bottom line is that you are better off going to a professional irrigation specialty store if you need irrigation advice, and even then use care.

Step Four:

Ask me!  Yes, there is a small cost, explained in the “fine print” section below, so read it before you ask!   I will generally answer if I’m not busy with other things.  I answer about 98% of questions asked.  Often I will include the URL of an article and ask you to also read it.  (I’m lazy and don’t want to rewrite background information you need to understand difficult issues!!)

Pump questions: I can’t tell you what size or brand of pump to buy. I simply don’t have enough knowledge of pump brands and models. I suggest you read my pump tutorial, figure out the GPM and PSI you need, then talk to a professional pump dealer.

Brand and Model Recommendations:  I don’t make specific brand and model recommendations for irrigation products.  I rely on an excellent relationship with all of the manufacturers to maintain my website’s reputation and get referrals from them.  However I do have reviews of some products you can read and compare.

Want to Ask Me an Irrigation Question?


I make my living from my knowledge of irrigation. Therefore in exchange for personal answers to irrigation questions I do ask for something from you in return. After all, I am taking the time to write a personal answer for you and more important, to try to make it understandable.

GROUND RULES: While I can likely answer your question, I don’t have time for lots of questions or to design your system for you! Please be reasonable, it takes me 5-10 minutes to read and answer even a very simple question. I often spend 20 to 30 minutes or more on the complex questions that people tend to ask.

PAYMENT TERMS: You choose your payment. There are several FREE options that only require investing a little of your time.

1. Start by giving me a thumbs up! Like, share, or tweet your social network(s) about my irrigation website. It’s free, fast and easy to do. You will find quick buttons for this at the bottom of this page and most of the other pages as well.  All those Facebook “likes”, Tweets, etc. really help get the word out about this website.  :)

2. After I’ve answered your question. If you are happy with the solution, then please consider one of these options…

  • Make a donation to help pay for keeping this website on-line. Suggested amount is $10.00 for the first question, $5 for each additional question. Money is always needed for various things to improve the website like software or the website hosting fees I pay to keep it online. Sorry, donations are not tax-deductible as I am not a registered non-profit. Use the PayPal “Donate” button near the bottom of this page.
  • If you have a website or blog, how about adding a link to (and/or one of my other websites.) Just please don’t post a message someplace not appropriate, make sure you know the rules regarding links for the website where you post the link. I don’t need angry people coming after me.
  • Do you know anything about Antique Pocket Watches?  I’m looking for information on one I inherited.  Take a look at my pocket watch and see if you can help me out with some information.
  • Make me an offer! This is the most fun option for me! It’s interesting to get simi-worthless trinkets from people, especially things with a local flavor from where you live or work. I’ve had folks send me all sorts of interesting things over the years; T-shirts, German chocolate (from someone in Germany!), honey from a beekeeper, legally licensed software, even interesting photos they’ve taken of places I’ll never have the opportunity to see. Your imagination is the limit!

Please wait until I’ve answered your question before you make a donation or send anything valuable to me. If I don’t answer I don’t want you to feel I cheated you! I’ll trust you to keep your side of the bargain after I’ve helped you.

PRIVACY NOTICE: The irrigation related questions you ask may be made public! You agree that any irrigation-related question you submit may be displayed or published on the Internet. You agree that your question may be edited to clarify it, or remove content that is not of interest. To assist others with similar questions or problems I publish many of the questions, along with my answers. Normally I edit the questions considerably and remove names, locations, etc. When you write me, if you are concerned with security, feel free to use a first name only, a fake name, initials, or no name at all if you wish, it is not my goal to identify you! I will attempt to remove any specific identifying details from your question, however if I slip up you agree to not hold me liable for damages. Sometimes my brain can get a little dippy and I do slip up now and then. If I do let something slip that I shouldn’t, be assured it is not intentional, and please let me know about it! Thanks!

I do not answer every question sent in. I do answer most of them. Suggestion- try to ask a single question or make sure that questions are closely related to the same problem. Don’t send me a list of questions! A whole list of questions makes me feel overwhelmed and almost guarantees I will just hit the delete key. Keep it simple, you can always ask more questions later if needed.

PLEASE TAKE PHOTOS AND ATTACH TO YOUR EMAIL IF YOU CAN! I can tell a lot more than you realize from a photo of the irrigation item in question. Photos really help clarify things for me.  Here’s a bonus.  About 1/3 of the people who attach a photo have a problem visible in the photo that they don’t realize they even have! So they get more advice than they thought they needed.

The brand and model of controller, valve, or sprinkler often make a difference, so if you know brand or models include them. If you don’t know the brand or model describe the item (color?) and include any markings you notice, I often can identify items from just that.  Plus did I mention a photo really helps?


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