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Irritrol 700 Series UltraFlow Valves

Irritrol 700 series valve
The Irritrol 700 Series UltraFlow Valve


The 700 series are very popular commercial quality globe valves noted for their low pressure loss.

Model Numbers:


Manufacturer's Performance Data:

Irritrol 700 Series Valves - Pressure Loss through Valve
Size 2 GPM 5 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 30 GPM 40 GPM 50 GPM
3/4" 0.38 PSI 0.86 PSI 1.22 PSI 2.03 PSI 3.27 PSI 6.75 PSI    
1" 1.59 PSI 1.80 PSI 2.41 PSI 2.23 PSI 1.84 PSI 3.22 PSI 5.58 PSI 8.59 PSI
1-1/2"       0.19 PSI 0.36 PSI 0.69 PSI 1.13 PSI 1.49 PSI
2"           0.64 PSI 0.83 PSI 0.98 PSI


Size 60 GPM 80 GPM 100 GPM 120 GPM 140 GPM 160 GPM 180 GPM
1-1/2" 2.13 PSI 3.85 PSI 6.06 PSI  8.72 PSI  11.89 PSI    
2" 1.17 PSI 2.07 PSI 3.06 PSI  3.96 PSI 5.21 PSI 6.50 PSI 8.23 PSI 

Note: Watch your maximum flow rates for pipes. You can get a lot more water through a given size valve than you can through the same size pipe. It is common to have a valve that is smaller than the pipe it is installed on. If you use the pressure regulator option ("OmniReg®") your pressure loss will always be a minimum of 10 PSI, even if the chart above gives you a lower number. If a pressure loss is not shown in the chart, the flow is outside of the recommended range for that size valve. The 1" model will operate down to 0.1 GPM. See the warning about the 3/4" valve below!


The Irritrol 700 series valves are top quality, reliable, and feature extremely low friction loss, which makes for easier design in areas with low water pressure. The unique feature of this valve is it's extremely straight flow path. In most valves the water makes several sharp turns as it travels through the valve, which slows the water down and creates friction loss. However the path through this valve is almost straight, which gives it the low friction loss values. If you have low water pressure this valve can really help the performance of your irrigation system. I have used thousands of these valves on low pressure irrigation systems.

The standard features of the 700 series are what you expect to find on a quality valve. A built-in filter helps protect the valve ports from sand particles. (This filter does not clean all of the water going through the valve, it only cleans a small amount of water that is used to operate the valve. I recommend that all irrigation systems have a filter near the water source to filter all of the water. It will greatly reduce maintenance of the system.)

The nylon valve body of the 700 series is more durable than the PVC plastic used in less expensive valves. The 700 series valves are sunlight resistant, but I still recommend that they be installed in boxes underground or protected from sunlight. The nylon body will break down due to UV light damage over time. The internal bleed feature means that when you manually turn on the valve water doesn't spill out of it. With a standard bleed screw water spits out of the side of the valve when it is manually opened. A captive solenoid plunger means you don't have to try to catch the plunger before it falls in the dirt if you remove the solenoid. The flow control handle on the 700 series is brass, unlike the plastic ones used on some valves. It takes a lot of torque to close down a 2" valve, I've seen a lot of plastic flow control stems snap off over the years.

The 700 valve has a few optional features. Pressure regulation is available by means of the optional OmniReg® feature which installs under the solenoid. Click here for the separate review of the OmniReg® feature. An optional recycled water kit includes a purple solenoid and warning tag.

Warning about the 3/4" model 700 series valve:

Originally the 700 valve was only available in a 3/4 inch (20 mm) size. The other sizes were added to the product line-up later, and they included a number of new features not found on the 3/4" model. Unfortunately the 3/4" model was never upgraded to include those new features, and thus it is a much different product! The 3/4" size model does NOT have a flow control feature. It also does not have a filter. The 3/4" model should NOT be used with flows below 2 gallons per minute (8,0 l/m), as it will often fail to close at lower flows.

The 3/4" size 700 series valve does have a couple of advantages. It has extremely low pressure loss. It also is a pretty reliable valve- as long as you do not drop the flow below 2 GPM. But without a flow control feature on it you will be in big trouble if the valve ever sticks open! In most situations I would suggest that the 1" model 700 valve would be a better choice. The 1" model works well at very low flows, down to as little as 0.1 gallons per minute (0,38 l/m). (Yes, that is correct, the 1" model works at lower flows than the 3/4" model. That is one of the advantages of a flow control feature!) Keep in mind that all brands and models of solenoid valves, including the 700 series, may need to have the flow control left permanently in a partially-closed position in order to work well at low flow rates. Leaving the flow control partially closed will not damage the valve.