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Irritrol 200B Series Valve


This is a middle of the line offering from Irritrol. This valve was originally made and marketed under the Richdel name. The market for this valve is residential and budget-driven commercial projects. This is a combination angle/globe valve.

Model Numbers:


Manufacturer's Performance Data:

Irritrol 200B Series Valves - Pressure Loss through Valve
Model Size   5 GPM 10 GPM 15 GPM 20 GPM 30 GPM 40 GPM 50 GPM 60 GPM 80 GPM 100 GPM 120 GPM
214B 1" Globe 3.36 PSI 2.60 PSI 1.82 PSI 2.35 PSI 5.40 PSI 9.73 PSI          
Angle 3.09 PSI 2.20 PSI 1.48 PSI 1.98 PSI 4.00 PSI 8.12 PSI          
216B 1 1/2" Globe       3.04 PSI 2.66 PSI 2.33 PSI 2.97 PSI 4.14 PSI 5.62 PSI    
Angle       2.76 PSI 2.24 PSI 1.99 PSI 2.30 PSI 3.10 PSI 4.42 PSI    
217B 2" Globe       2.00 PSI 1.93 PSI 1.73 PSI 1.55 PSI 1.68 PSI 2.99 PSI 4.85 PSI 6.31 PSI
Angle       2.00 PSI 1.93 PSI 1.73 PSI 1.55 PSI 1.59 PSI 2.15 PSI 3.27 PSI 4.88 PSI

Note: Size valves based on pressure loss rather than pipe size. It is common for the valve to be one size smaller than the pipe.


This is a step down from the Irritrol 100 series valves, with a less expensive PVC plastic used for the body, thus a lower pressure rating. When Toro bought the Richdel product line, they rebranded this valve to the Irritrol name. It is a reliable, mid-range valve suitable for residential and light commercial applications. It has two inlets so that it can be installed as either a globe (using the side inlet) or angle valve (using the bottom inlet). A threaded plug with with an o-ring seal is provided to plug the unused inlet. It tells you something about the valve that when Irritrol was looking for things to list as features they included the "three-way stainless steel bonnet screws accept Phillips, flat-blade and hex-driver tools". In other words, these are the screws that hold the top on the valve. With that said, I have used a lot of these valves on budget-challenged irrigation systems and they have performed well. The optional OmniReg® device allows the valve to control the downstream pressure at a more or less constant level (see separate listing for the OmniReg® module).