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Weathermatic LX Spray Sprinkler Bodies


LX Series Pop-Up Spray Models:

Weathermatic sells to landscape professionals only, their corporate trademarked slogan is “The Purely Professional Source(tm)”. They do not allow retail outlets to carry their products. However, most sprinkler wholesale outlets that carry Weathermatic products will sell replacement parts to homeowners if you ask nicely. Weathermatic spray sprinklers consist of a sprinkler body and a removable nozzle, which are sold separately. Both brass and plastic nozzles are available. All nozzles have industry standard female nozzle threads, so they are interchangeable with most other sprinkler brands.

The LX pop-up spray bodies are available with 3", 4", 6" and 12" pop-up heights. The 6" and 12" bodies have both bottom and side inlets (I don't recommend using the side inlets as it makes maintenance difficult). The LX is a top-quality sprinkler.



For a description of each of the features below click here. Features noted “(optional)” do not come standard with the product and must be specifically requested when ordering.

Weathermatic claims that the superior distribution of water from their brass nozzles allows for spacings wider than other spray heads. This is based on what they term “effective radius” which they define as “the most distant point at which 0.25 in/hr of precipitation will occur within the area of coverage”. Since you should be a professional if you are installing a Weathermatic system I will leave it to you to determine (and guarantee to your customer) spacings for the best coverage. Weathermatic will assist you in determining safe spacings based on your local conditions. Call them at (888) 4 THE PRO.

Manufacturer's Performance Data:

For available nozzles and nozzle performance data click here.