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Rainbird UNI-Spray Series


This UNI-Spray Universal Spray Head is aimed at contractors who install residential and low-end commercial irrigation systems. It is designed as an inexpensive alternative to the 1800 series for what I will term “quick and dirty installations”. The sprinklers come with or without a preinstalled nozzle. Of course if you get the pre-installed nozzles you should remove the nozzle before you flush out the system! I guess with the preinstalled nozzle Rainbird assumes you will not flush the system before installing the sprinkler. That would be a really stupid move! You should flush the system twice, once before installing the sprinklers, and again after installing them.

The construction of the sprinkler seems to be reasonably durable, somewhere between Rainbird's top of the line 1800 series and the unacceptably cheap Sure-Pop series. The UNI-Spray heads use the same nozzles as the Rainbird 1800 series spray heads.

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