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Rainbird Sure-Pop® 4" Pop-Up Fixed Spray Body, Model SP-40

Rainbird Sure-Pop Sprinkler Head
Rainbird Sure-Pop Sprinkler Head


The Sure Pop series is Rain Bird's consumer sprinkler line. This is an inexpensive model, which I am not at all excited about. In my yard this sprinkler did not hold up well. My primary concern is the holes in the cap. Besides saving a very small amount of plastic, I can see no reason for them. They represent a possible entry point for dirt to get into the sprinkler, and expose the soft plastic wiper seal to the sun and lawn chemicals (fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides) which could shorten it's life. The whole cap appears flimsy and will not stand up well against mower wheels, boots, golf clubs, weed trimmers, children, dogs that chew on anything they can get to, and a whole host of things common to yards. Bottom-line is I would buy the Rainbird 1800 series instead. I think it is worth spending more to get the much better quality 1800 series fixed spray sprinkler.



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