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Rainbird 1800 Series Spray Heads


This is Rain Bird's top of the line spray body series. It features a 3 or 5-year warranty dependent upon where you buy it (standard or "trade" warranty). The Rain Bird 1800 series has a co-molded wiper seal that is the envy of the industry. Almost every other brand has to some extent copied this wiper seal. I feel the 1800 is marginally the best spray sprinkler in the industry (in other words it might last a little longer than others, but not significantly enough that I would exclusively use the product). The Rain Bird 1800 series has a very good reputation.

Rainbird lists out each available option as a separate product, rather than giving you a base product and a list of available options for it. For example the 1804-SAM head is simply the standard 4 inch pop-up spray body supplied with the optional "SAM" check valve pre-installed. In some cases you will actually buy the base product and the option package separately and then install the "option" yourself. The nozzles are usually sold separately from the bodies.

Be careful with the pop-up models that pop-up less than 3". They will not raise the nozzle above the grass and the water will hit the grass. I suggest a 3" high pop-up for short-mowed grass like Bermuda grass. Grasses like rye, bluegrass, and fescue need a 4" pop-up height. For Zoysia and St. Augustine grass I would suggest a 6" pop-up height. I personally use a 4" pop-up with Bermuda grass and a 6" pop-up with all other grasses. For shrub beds I use a 6" pop-up if there is no groundcover or a very low variety. A 12" pop-up is best for all other uses.


All models are available with numerous options, as listed below in the features section.



Features noted “(optional)” do not come standard with the product and must be specifically requested when ordering. For a description of each of the features below click here.

Manufacturer's Performance Data:

For available nozzles and nozzle performance data click here.