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Orbit 5400 Spray Sprinkler Heads

Orbit 5400 Series Sprinkler


This is Orbit's top of the line spray-type sprinkler. It is marketed in both a professional and retail model. This sprinkler has a good quality wiper seal. It has a good ratchet mechanism, although I would prefer that it be just a bit harder to turn in order to prevent slipping out of alignment. All in all, a good sprinkler for the price. A word of warning, a lot of industry pros look down their noses at Orbit products because the products are sold retail to the public and generally are not carried by the sprinkler wholesale stores that contractors tend to buy from. But I can't find any significant difference in quality between this sprinkler and any of the other sprinklers more often preferred by contractors.

This sprinkler is available with pop-up heights of 2, 4 , 6 and 12 inches. The retail model comes with a 12' radius adjustable arc nozzle pre-installed, other radius nozzles must be purchased separately. Be sure to remove the nozzle before installing the sprinkler head. After you have flushed out the heads reinstall the nozzles. If you don't flush the system with the nozzle removed you will likely get trash stuck in the nozzle and it will be ruined. It really sucks to discover you just ruined a brand new nozzle!

The 2 inch pop-up model is likely not high enough for all but the shortest of lawns. Even with a very short mowed Bermuda lawn I strongly suggest that you use at least a 4 inch pop-up height. I consider any sprinkler with a pop-up height less than 3 inches unacceptable in most circumstances due to the increased maintenance necessary to trim grass away from the head. These sprinklers are designed to be almost invisible once the grass has grown in. It seems ridiculous to have to trim the grass away from the heads on a brand new system!

An optional metal cap is available for the 5400 series pop-up sprays. A soft rubber cap is also an option.

A flush plug is a cap that comes installed in place of the nozzle. The flush plug redirects water when flushing the pipes so that the water doesn't create a “geyser”. After flushing the plug is removed and the nozzle is installed.

Professional Models:

Retail Models:



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