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Orbit 100 Series Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Sprinkler Head with Brass Nozzle


Orbit Pop-Up Sprinkler with Brass Nozzle


This sprinkler has a good quality wiper seal. It has a good ratchet mechanism, although I would prefer that it be just a bit harder to turn in order to prevent slipping out of alignment. It comes with a solid brass nozzle. I would suggest considering Orbit's 5400 series 4" pop-up spray head rather than this one.

I would only use low pop-up heights (less than 3 inches) for bubblers or shrub areas with widely-spaced shrubs and no ground cover. For lawns I suggest one of Orbit's spray heads with a higher pop-up height.

Retail Models:

Model Number Description
54016 2" Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Head with Brass Nozzle, Full circle pattern.
54019 2" Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Head with Brass Nozzle, 3/4 circle pattern.
54017 2" Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Head with Brass Nozzle, 1/2 circle pattern.
54018 2" Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Head with Brass Nozzle, 1/4 circle pattern.
54127 2" Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Head with Brass Nozzle, center strip pattern.


Orbit does not provide a pressure range for this sprinkler, the range above is my best guess based on the construction of the sprinkler.


Features noted “(optional)” do not come standard with the product and must be specifically requested when ordering. For a description of each of the features below click here.

Performance Data:

Orbit Spring-Loaded Pop-Up Heads with Brass Nozzles

Spray Pattern

Pattern Coverage

25 PSI

35 PSI

45 PSI

360° 12' - 3.00 GPM 12' - 3.50 GPM 12' - 4.00 GPM
270° 12' - 2.50 GPM 12' - 3.00 GPM 12' - 3.50 GPM
180° 12' - 1.50 GPM 12' - 1.75 GPM 12' - 2.00 GPM
90° 12' - 1.00 GPM 12' - 1.25 GPM 12' - 1.50 GPM
4' x 20' 4' x 20' - 2.00 GPM 4' x 20' - 2.50 GPM 4' x 20' - 2.75 GPM

Note: I haven't been able to find data for all of the water pressures shown in the table above. Some of the data in the above table is my "best guess" as to the approximate flow. The nozzle radius likely is greater than 12 feet at pressures over 25 PSI but I don't have any data on the actual radius at the higher pressures. You should assume a maximum of 12 feet when designing with this sprinkler.


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