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IrriTrol HS Series Spray Sprinkler


The IrriTrol HS series spray head is a good product which will perform well under residential or light commercial conditions. Retailers may sell the body as a complete unit with a nozzle attached, but most retailers sell the bodies and nozzles separately. IrriTrol is better known for other products and many irrigation stores do not carry the IrriTrol spray-type sprinkler heads, although they often will carry IrriTrol valves and controllers. IrriTrol is a division of the Toro Company.

The information here is for spray sprinklers with the IrriTrol label only. It does not apply to the Lawn Genie or RainJet sprinkler lines, both of which are also owned by Toro. Because there has been a bit of cross-marketing of these product lines over the years there is sometimes confusion regarding which product is which.



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