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Hunter SRS Series Spray Heads


---DISCONTINUED--- this sprinkler has been removed from the market.

The SRS series is Hunter's residential quality spray sprinkler head. This sprinkler is designed to be a reasonable quality sprinkler for the cost-driven residential market. It can utilize nozzles made for most other sprinkler brands that use female-threaded nozzles if you want to. But it also has a large selection of Hunter's own nozzles available.

Do to it's design, the ratchet mechanism on this sprinkler wears out if used more than a few times. After a few twists it will no longer hold the riser in position and the nozzle will rotate out of position. To avoid this problem do not twist the riser more than necessary to initially position the nozzle. I strongly recommend that you just don't use the ratchet feature (turn the entire head to position the nozzle.)

The sprinkler has the distinction of having the highest failure rate of any sprinkler I have ever field tested, 2 out of 3 tested failed to hold their arc setting after 3 years in the ground, all due to the ratchet mechanism problem.

The SRS series bodies are available in the following styles. Nozzles are sold separately:



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Manufacturer's Performance Data:

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