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Hunter PS Series Spray Heads


The PS series is Hunter's economy spray head. It features adjustable arc nozzles which means that a single nozzle adjusts from 1-360 degrees. With adjustable arc nozzles a single nozzle can be used for any arc, there is no need to buy separate nozzles for quarter circles, half circles, etc. However when designing remember that the nozzle uses a different amount of water with each arc setting. Thus it is still necessary to guesstimate the arc for each sprinkler when making a design.



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Manufacturer's Performance Data:

For current list of available nozzles and nozzle performance data see Hunter's website.


A mediocre sprinkler at best, I'd use the Pro Series instead. The fact that the warranty period is only 40% of the warranty period for their Pro Series spray head tells you what they expect of it. (Note that the warranty period on Hunter products can vary between stores and customers. Pros often get a better warranty, but also may pay more.)


Review updated 5/31/2013