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Hunter Pro-Spray Sprinkler Heads


This is Hunter's best spray head, designed for professional use. And finally, after years of not being able to recommend this sprinkler, I now can. That is because Hunter has finally added a clutch-driven ratchet mechanism to the riser. So this sprinkler should now last much longer and is on equal standing with the other brands of professional grade heads.

The Hunter Pro Spray body is a quality sprinkler body, with a good reinforced wiper seal, and a retraction spring. It has a screw off lid with good strong threads. For recycled water use I suggest you use the replacement recycled (reclaimed) water cap rather than the snap-on recycled (reclaimed) water cover as the cover doesn't stay on well. I don't recommend pop-up heights under 3" for any sprinklers as they do not lift the nozzle high enough to clear most grass, even when closely mowed.

The Pro-Spray series bodies are available in the following styles. Retail home improvement stores tend to sell a body and nozzle combination, while professional irrigation stores typically sell them as separate items.



Features noted “(optional)” do not come standard with the product and must be specifically requested when ordering. For a description of each of the features below click here.

Manufacturer's Performance Data:

For current list of available nozzles and nozzle performance data see Hunter's website.


I tested 3 separate 4" pop-up Hunter Pro Spray heads on my test stand. I purchased the 3 sprinklers retail at Home Depot. The pop-up riser seated firmly without leaks against the wiper seal well below the minimum manufacturer's pressure rating of 15 PSI (this is a good thing.) There was an appropriate amount of blow-by of water from the seal as the riser extended, this is good, you want a little blow-by to clean away dirt and debris, but not too much. The body and nozzles held up well when I raised the pressure to 100 PSI, with no leaks from the wiper seal, cap threads, or body.

You do need to install the screen that comes with the nozzle, as the screen serves as a washer to seal the nozzle to the riser. When I goofed and installed the nozzle without the screen there was a leak. You should always use the screens anyway, so this is not an issue. I mention it so if you do get a leak, you know to check to make sure the screen is installed under the nozzle. I have found that the sprinklers sold in retail stores sometimes are missing parts. People sometimes are checking the sprinklers out in the store and take them apart, and forget to put everything back. On a related note it is always a good idea to check for missing parts when purchasing from a retail store. Even if the item is in what seems to be a sealed package, I open and check them before I leave the store so I can return it immediately if there is something wrong.

My Opinion:

I am comfortable using this product on any of my designs, including those of my high-end clients wanting the best possible quality.

Hunter Pro-Spray
Hunter Pro-Spray at 100 PSI on the test stand.

Review updated 5/14/2013