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Hunter Institutional Spray Sprinkler Heads


See the Pro Series with the optional pressure regulator, which has the same features, with the addition of a good ratchet clutch. It is actually a better sprinkler than this one was.

---DISCONTINUED--- this sprinkler has been removed from the market.

The Institutional Spray Sprinkler Head is the Pro-Spray Sprinkler with a built-in pressure regulator in the riser. The pressure regulator will not allow the pressure at the nozzle to exceed 30 PSI. The maximum inlet pressure for this sprinkler is 100 PSI. This is Hunter's best spray head, designed for professional use on public works applications that demand extremely high quality, what is sometimes refered to as “gold-plated”. It has a heavier body and cap than the Hunter SRS and PS spray heads. Unfortunately, while everything else about this sprinkler is top quality, the ratchet mechanism is bottom of the heap. Rather than using a slip-clutch type ratchet mechanism like every other spray head manufacturer, Hunter uses a teeth and rib system that relies on distortion of the plastic to allow the riser to rotate. While it is an improvement over the ratchet mechanism in the SRS series heads, it still wears out if you use it several times. I feel that a professional quality sprinkler head should have a better quality ratchet mechanism. The only other objection I have to this sprinkler head is that the purple ring that snaps onto the sprinkler for use with non-potable water systems can become detached from the sprinkler.

The Institutional Spray series bodies are available in the following styles. Nozzles are sold seperately:



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