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Rainbird Lawn Bird® Closed Case Sprinkler


The Lawn Bird (sometimes called Turf Bird) uses a "closed-case impact drive". Features of this rotor include a 3 5/8" pop-up height, full or part circle operation, the arc resets itself to the original setting if vandalized, it operates at low pressure, has a good wiper seal, a stainless steel retraction spring, a radius reduction screw, and an inlet filter screen. The professional model was called the R-50 and had 20 available nozzles but has been discontinued. The retail model (TDR-2) comes with 3 nozzles, I doubt you can get any of the other nozzles for it anymore. My experience with the Lawn Bird/R-50 has not been particularly good. I find the arc setting very difficult to adjust (wearing a swimsuit while adjusting the arc is not a bad idea!). It ties with the Toro S700 for the "World's 2nd Hardest Sprinkler to Adjust" award (the old Toro S600 gets first place). I've had problems with the arc setting changing by itself after a few weeks of use. The bottom line is I would suggest the newer Rainbird 5000 series rotor, which is a good performer, rather than this one.

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