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Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers Review

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers
Mammoth Grip Stake and Wedge Spacers
(with Orbit Sprinkler attached to stake)


Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers by Star Sight Innovations are used to assist you in correctly installing your sprinkler heads. They maintain the sprinklers a uniform distance from sidewalks, and also help hold small sprinklers in place and upright. There are two basic products, one is a simple spacing wedge which is inserted between the sprinkler head and a sidewalk. The second is a stake and spacer combination that clamps to the side of the sprinkler head. The stake model holds the sprinkler upright, and can also act as a spacer between the sidewalk and sprinkler. 5 sizes of stakes are available to fit almost any sprinkler.

In my tests the Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers worked very well. The stake is long enough to hold the sprinkler reasonably steady. Both the stake and spacer are constructed of heavy plastic and should hold up well. The stakes are especially helpful when using smaller sprinklers on swing pipe (funny pipe) risers. Often the body length of smaller sprinklers (like 2 and 3 inch pop-ups) is not sufficient to stabilize the sprinklers and they lean over on their side. Even with 4 and 6 inch pop-ups I often see sprinklers leaning. It is important for sprinklers to be as close to perpendicular to the soil surface as possible. When they lean to one side it messes up the pattern and can cause a dry spot.

In most cases the Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers don't add much stability to the larger rotor sprinklers. This means sprinkler cases more than 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and 6 inches (150mm) long. I strongly recommend that these rotors be installed on rigid arm swing joints, rather than using flexible tubing risers like "Funny Pipe ®". When installed on a rigid swing arm riser there is really no need for a stabilizer stake. The Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers would still work as a spacer, but I wouldn't expect it to hold a rotor in place.

Sprinkler Spacer Features:

Installation against sidewalk   Installation in corner
Typical Stake Installations
(Photos courtesy Star Sight Innovations)

Wedge installation against sidewalk
Typical Wedge Installation
(Photo courtesy Star Sight Innovations)

Manufacturer's Performance Data:

Visit the Mammoth Grip Website at for more details, including recommended size of stake for specific sprinkler brands and models.