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Miscellaneous Installation Details

Using the Detail Drawings:

The following drawings demonstrate common methods of installing the various components of a sprinkler or drip irrigation system. Not all of the details will apply to every irrigation system. Select the details that best fit your needs. You can modify the details if you need to, but before doing so it is advisable to seriously consider why they are drawn as they are. For instance, many details call for the use of galvanized steel pipe above ground level. This might seem to be a waste until you consider that PVC plastic pipe decomposes in just a few years when it is exposed to sunlight! In some cases it may be advisable to use brass or copper pipe in place of galvanized. This would be a very good idea if you have soils with a high salt content or if your sprinkler system is within a few miles of the ocean. Salt, moisture, and steel pipe do not get along very well, and the pipe is the loser in the battle! Have you ever noticed how corroded exposed steel surfaces are near the beach?

The Detail Drawings:

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