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Sample Irrigation Installation Detail Drawings

by Jess Stryker

These sample drawings show some possible ways of putting your irrigation components together. They show methods typically used in the industry, although you need to use common sense and make modifications as needed for your specific situation.

SAMPLE PLANS ONLY, NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION. These sample drawings must be carefully reviewed and modified as needed to fit your specific irrigation system project and location. By using them you agree to review and modify the sample plans as needed, you also agree to be subject to the terms of use listed at, including the agreement and limit of liability. See the paragraph below regarding copyrights. Due to licensing laws regulating designers (ie; landscape architects and irrigation consultants) the Sample Plans must have the note "Not for Construction" on them unless the designer's name, license number if applicable, signature, and the date signed are shown. If you are using the sample drawings for your irrigation system, then you are the designer.

Copyright modification:

The copyright restrictions noted in the Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are modified in regards to the Sample Drawings listed below as follows. A license to modify and use only the sample plans and drawings listed below, is hereby granted for both personal and commercial use, subject to the following restrictions: You may not publish the drawings for use by the public (such as in a book, magazine, or brochure.) You may not place them on the Internet for any public purpose. (Example: you may email it to a friend, but you may not place it on a website or blog.) This license applies only to those sample drawings listed below. Thank you for your compliance with these minor restrictions.


Backflow Preventer Installation:

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker Backflow Preventer

Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backflow Preventer

Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer

Double Check Backflow Preventer

Valve Installation & Wiring:

Anti-Siphon Valve

Control System:

Valve Wiring to Controller

Controller (Clock) Installation - Interior Wall Mounted.

Controller (Clock) Installation - Exterior Wall Mounted.


Auto Flush for a Disk Filter. If you have really dirty water and the filter frequently needs to be flushed this is a possible solution. This project requires a moderate to high level of skill and knowledge. Here's a link to the Irritrol video "How to convert a Closed Valve to a Open Valve" for the model 102 Valve used in this detail.

Drip Irrigation

(Be sure to see the drip irrigation design guidelines.)

A Typical Drip System using Anti-Siphon Valves

Drip Emitter Spacing

Automatic Control Valve with Filter and Pressure Regulator

Drip Flush Valve

Hard Piped Emitter

Moisture Barriers

Moisture barriers help reduce damage caused by irrigation water in expansive soils. Before you use the moisture barrier details please read the Irrigation and Expansive Soils Tutorial.

Patio or Sidewalk Moisture Barrier

Foundation Moisture Barrier

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