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Do you know anything about pocket watches?


This is way off topic for my irrigation website, but I have found that my readers are often willing to share their knowledge with me.  So I’m hoping someone out there looking at my website knows something about old pocket watches.

The story:

My grandfather was injured while serving in WWI in France, he was hospitalized there.  In the hospital he struck up a good friendship with a French soldier who had also been injured.  The watch was given to my grandfather by his French friend, as a token of that friendship.  My grandfather passed along the watch to my father, with the request that it be kept in the family and passed down from father to son. So I’m not seeking to sell the watch as I will honor that request and give it to my son.  For now it hangs in my office in the watch display dome that my father bought for it.

What I am looking for:

OK, so what I am looking for is any information anyone might have on the watch that might ad to my story or at least let me know what I have.  In answer to “what do I want to know?” the answer is anything.   I know very little about pocket watches, everything I know is in this article, so if you have anything else you can add, I am very interested!  I do realize this watch is in poor condition.  :)

The Pocket Watch:

There are photos of the watch below which will probably be more helpful than my poor description.  This description is more aimed at allowing search engines to classify this page.  It is a key wound watch, it has what appears to be a ceramic face.  I’m guessing it is a silver plated finish, lots of scratches.   The ceramic face has a impact hole in it to the left of the VIII. I’m guessing the glass lens is a replacement since I can’t figure out how the face could have been broken without breaking the lens too!  There is an inscription inside the door on the back of the case, it appears to be “Kerriche a Trémohar “.  That appears to be French which would fit the story.  Beyond that it makes no sense to me,  name of person or place?  I found some places named Trémohar on maps of France.  If anyone can shed any light on that it would be great.

There are what appear to be several marks on the inside of the watch cover.  One is a number which may be 302709.  That number also is stamped inside the mechanism cover.  Other marks almost appear to be hand writing but may just be random scratches.  Most of it is too worn for me to read.  The back of the case has an engraving of a town with a church steeple.

Yes, the watch works and keeps good time.

Here are photos.  You can click on the photos for high definition versions if you want to zoom in for a close look.

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Thanks for your help!

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