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How would you like to expose nearly half a million people a year to your product? What if most of those people were ready to purchase an irrigation related product? We've made it easy for even the smallest irrigation product or service provider to reach our many readers at Without leaving your computer you could have an ad on within an hour using Google's Adwords program. is a great location for advertising irrigation and landscape related products. Our readers are interested in irrigation or they would not be looking at our website. The vast majority of our readers are planning to install a new irrigation system or are looking to upgrade or repair an existing system. By advertising here you are targeting people ready to buy irrigation products!

Visitor Statistics

The fact that you are reading this means you found, probably by using a search engine. The fastest way to check the relevance and popularity of this website is to search for a irrigation related term on any search website and see where shows up in the listings. If you are interested in numbers, in 2008 had 427,739 unique visitors. Those visitors logged 1,477,551 page views. 2008
Month Visits Pageviews
January 16,546 40,070
February 19,958 49,716
March 32,167 84,330
April 49,080 131,299
May 56,457 156,661
June 61,694 157,812
July 59,599 166,660
August 52,202 170,606
September 50,149 163,373
October 64,663 161,812
November 43,337 113,797
December 28,597 78,934

Google AdWords

The fastest way to get your ad on is to create a short text ad using Google AdWords. Simple text ads using Google's AdWords program are a great, low-cost way to get started. AdWords are "pay per click" ads, you pay a small amount each time someone clicks on your ad. You bid for ad space, so you decide how much you are willing to pay. When a potential customer clicks on your ad they are taken to your website so that they can check out the product or service you are offering. Often ads can be targeted to specific regions, for example if you provide sprinkler repairs in the Los Angeles area you can target your ads to display when a website viewer is located in the Los Angeles region.

The Google AdWords website will guide you through the steps of setting up an account and creating an ad campaign for your product or service. Once you are set up you can create a new ad campaign that will utilize "placements". Placements target your ad to display on a specific website, such as Advanced options for placements allow you to target specific pages and sometimes even an exact ad location on a page. See How do I begin a new ad group with placements? for instructions. To target your ad to just enter "" in the list of placements for the ad campaign.

If you use AdWords there are three ad spaces where your ads may show up on most of the pages at The actual locations of the ads may vary from page to page. The following is a description of the most common locations where they will show up.

  1. The first is a "skyscraper" column space at the top of the left (green) column just under the site index listing. You can see one of these on the far left side of this page.
  2. The second location is on the right side of the page and is a banner ad space (90 pixels high by 728 pixels wide), it may be located part way down the page within the content or it may be at the bottom of the page. There is an example a couple of paragraphs below.
  3. The third location is a rectangular shaped 300 high x 250 wide ad that displays on the right side of the page. You will find an example of this ad near the bottom of this page. According to the folks at AdWords this is their most popular and successful ad size.
  4. In addition to the above locations, your ad may also appear with the search results when someone searches using one of the search boxes found on each page. Lots of our readers use the search feature and text ads in the search results are often very productive. For example if someone searches for "Rainbird valve review" and you display an ad "Rainbird valves 30% off" you are likely to get their attention. Don't neglect this opportunity!

Advanced users of AdWords can specify which one of these spaces their ad appears in. Historically, ads placed in the spaces on the right result in a somewhat higher response rate than those in the left (green) column.

You can also place display ads on using the more advanced features of AdWords. Be sure to create your ad in one of the size formats we utilize on The locations and sizes are (px width x height) Left-Column: 160x600, Right-Side-Banner: 728x90, and Right-Side-Rectangle: 300x250.

---Directly below on the right side is an example of the Google AdWords Right-Side-Rectangle: 300x250 ad placement. On most pages this ad space floats to the right of the text content and is very visible to readers. This ad space can either have text ads or a banner ad placed in it. On a few pages this ad appears centered below the content near the bottom of the page.---


Affiliate Programs

With affiliate programs you pay an advertising commission to based only on actual sales completed. A payment to us only occurs when a buyer clicks on the ad AND makes a purchase. Commissions on these sales are generally based on a percentage of the sale price. You set the commission percentage. We determine the actual locations where the affiliate ads appear on our website. In general, the ads that create sales commissions that are most profitable for us will bump other ads out of the best locations.

While you can create your own system for verifying sales, most websites will only accept ads that are served and monitored by a 3rd party. Most businesses use an affiliate advertising service to administer their affiliate programs. We suggest you look at Google Affiliate Network and Commission Junction. The best ad sizes to fit into our site are the same sizes as listed for Google AdWords above, but we can work with you to accommodate other sizes. We can target affiliate ads to appear on specific pages. We are not thrilled by heavily animated and distracting ads so keep your ads tasteful. Animations must stop after a few seconds so as not to be continuously distracting to readers. If you have an affiliate program and you would like to see your ads on, please contact us.

Ad Locations

An idea of the typical ad placement locations we utilize can be seen on this page. We try to place ads in the locations that give the best monetary return for In general, the ads on the right side of the screen get slightly better results than those in the left column.

The Usual Disclaimers, etc.

Ad locations vary somewhat from page to page. Ads do NOT print when a user prints the content of a page. Some pages do not have ads. We reserve the sole right to determine where ads are placed and which ad is placed in a given location. We reserve the sole right to determine what ads will be displayed and to reject any ad or advertiser. We reserve the sole right to block any ads we deem unacceptable. We do not participate in "pay to link" programs (where a website pays for a link imbedded in the content in a way that makes it look like an endorsement.) Advertising may not mimic our content in such a way that a reader would not realize it is an ad.

--- Directly below is an example of the Google AdWords Right-Side-Banner 728x90 ad placement. This ad space can either have text ads or a banner ad placed in it. On most pages it is at the bottom of the page, and often there are two banner ad spaces here, one above the other. ---


--- Most pages have a couple of search boxes on them, like the one above. You can place a text ad in the search results page using Google AdWords. Try searching for "sprinklers" using the search box below, to see how the ads display with the search results.---

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